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Why Is Cellular Data Better than Wi-Fi? | Things You Need To Know

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22 December 2022

What’s The Difference Between WiFi Data & Cellular Data?

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WiFi is a radio frequency that allows devices to connect to the internet in locations where a router is present. This means you typically use WiFi when you’re at home, work, or other places like cafes and parks that have an available wireless connection. Cellular data works differently. It uses mobile networks to transfer data and is widely available in almost all areas. With cellular data, you can access the internet no matter where you are, and stay connected with your friends and family members using video calls and third-party applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Signal..


Why Should You Not Use Wifi?

 Wifi systems are usually located in fixed locations like homes or offices, therefore the range is more limited than with cellular signals. Although signal boosters can help increase the reach of WiFi signals, it still remains very limited in comparison.


When using public WiFi, there also are privacy concerns due to the potential presence of hackers. Therefore, it’s important to take extra precautions when using public WiFi networks. This can include using a virtual private network (VPN) or taking other security measures to protect your data such as keeping your software up to date and using secure passwords / two-factor authentication.


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Why Should You Use Cellular Data?

Cellular data offers several advantages over WiFi. For starters, it’s more widely available and you can access the internet anywhere as long as you have a signal. Additionally, since it uses mobile networks to transfer data, it’s generally more secure than public WiFi. Plus, if you find yourself in an area without any WiFi, you can still use cellular data. This is especially useful when traveling abroad or in remote areas where access to the internet isn’t always available. It also offers an added layer of privacy as it’s not possible for someone to hack into your connection as they could with public WiFi networks.


The main disadvantage of using cellular data is that you may run out of your allocated data quickly if you’re not careful with how much you use. One way to avoid this is to use an overseas mobile top-up online service to add more data when needed.


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