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What Is Airtime?

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30 November 2021

Everyone who uses a mobile phone uses airtime. Still, very few consumers actually know what it is, let alone why they’re paying for it and how they can get the best deal. If you’re unsure what mobile airtime is, keep reading as we explain everything you need to know, including top-ups.


What Is Airtime For Your Mobile Phone?

Mobile airtime is the fee you pay to connect to a telecommunication provider, for example, MTN, Airtel, Orange, AT&T, or O2. The amount you pay entitles you to the use of specific services, such as minutes to call people, SMS messages to text people, and data that you can use to surf the web and use apps. 

Several different types of airtime plans are available to suit all budgets and requirements. The fee you pay acts as credit. If you run out of credit, you need to top up. You can do this regularly or top up certain aspects of your airtime and data, as and when they run out.

There are lots of types of airtime plans. You can even get international airtime plans so you can talk to people internationally without having to pay any extra.

In a nutshell, airtime is the fee you pay to send texts, make calls, and use mobile data.


How Airtime Keeps Us Connected

The need to communicate with loved ones has always been there, but it was exasperated by the pandemic. With lockdowns still looming and uncertainty surrounding travel, mobile communication is essential for staying connected. Mobile airtime makes this possible in various forms.

From international calls and constant text messages through to video calling using mobile data, airtime allows you to stay in contact with the people you love the most.


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How To Purchase Airtime

There are several ways you can purchase mobile airtime or top up online. Doing a mobile top up online is easy and quick, and it allows you to engage with loved ones overseas and make sure they’re able to stay connected – even in a lockdown.

To do an airtime top up, including an international top up, simply use our online airtime top up service. Simply select the country of the mobile phone to top up, input the phone number, select the amount you want to top up by, and pay securely!


The great thing about airtime is that you can top it up wherever you are, whenever you need to. Others can even do it on your behalf for ease using our online platform. To find out more about airtime and online top ups, check out our help guide.

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