Jamaica Public Holidays | Celebrate With Your Family Abroad

Jamaica Public Holidays | Celebrate With Your Family Abroad

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1 August 2023

If you have family or friends living abroad, it can sometimes feel difficult to stay in touch and connected. 

Throughout the holiday seasons, you may feel more distant than ever, with Christmas and Easter being labelled as huge family holidays. But staying in touch can be pricey and it’s sometimes difficult to establish connections overseas. That’s where international online top up could help you.

To celebrate together with family and friends in Jamaica, it’s important to have an easy way to top up mobile data and understand when the most popular holidays are so you can join in the festivities from afar. 

What Are Jamaica’s Public Holidays? 

Jamaica has a largely Christian culture and celebrates the largest Christian festivals each year including Christmas Day, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Easter Monday. Due to their spiritual and art based influences from all over the world, they celebrate each festival with an eclectic array of bright colours, delicious food and beautiful music.

Jamaica is also an incredibly patriotic country, regularly celebrating national holidays which symbolise freedom, development and learning. 

The other main holidays celebrated are Labour Day, Independence Day, Emancipation Day, National Heroes’ Day, New Year’s Day and Boxing Day.

Because many other countries share some of these holidays, it’s important to top up online and stay in touch to celebrate together. 

Most Popular Holidays In Jamaica

Some of the most widely celebrated holidays in Jamaica that you can share are:

This day celebrates the abolishment of slavery in 1833 when the Slavery Abolition Act was given Royal Assent and began the changes which freed many slaves from control under the British Empire. 

This is the celebration of the movement from the British Empire in 1962. This gave Jamaica more freedom to make their own choices and this is now a huge holiday celebrated by both political parties in Jamaica. 

This day is specifically designed to honour those people who initially challenged institutions of slavery and colonialism and began the movement towards freedom. 

Christmas Day is celebrated across the world and commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians spend this day together feasting and giving gifts to celebrate the saviour’s birth. 

Traditionally a box would have been placed in the church for people to add donations which were shared with the plantation workers to reward them for their work throughout the year. 

Although this isn’t required, the date is still celebrated as a mark of remembrance and gift giving. 

This day is celebrated all over the world as the beginning of a brand new year. People believe that what you do on New Year’s Day will bring good fortune throughout the year. Jamacians celebrate this day with fireworks, parties and music. 

This is the celebration of the beginning of Lent and takes place 40 days prior to Lent. It gets its name from the tradition of people placing ashes on the forehead whilst kneeling at the altar to give penance for their sins throughout the prior year. 

This is the Christian festival which marks the day that Jesus Christ was crucified. Jamaican families usually attend church on this day and may fast after a meal of bread and fish. 

Following Good Friday, this is the day that Christian’s believe Jesus was raised from the dead and Jamaican families spend this time together in church. 

Labour Day used to be celebrated as ‘Empire Day’ to commemorate Queen Victoria and the British Empire with patriotic songs which celebrated the positive influence the Empire had on the country. 

However, in 1961 this was changed to Labour Day. This was the day, back in 1938 when Alexander Bustamante led a rebellion which gave the country independence. 

The day now celebrates how trade and labour have developed Jamaica to where it is today and on this day you’ll often see rallies and parades in the streets. 

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