How To Save Your Data Abroad? | Quick Guide

How To Save Your Data When Abroad?

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1 March 2023

Are you planning a trip abroad and worried about the high costs of data roaming? You don’t have to break the bank every time you travel. With a few simple steps, you can save on costly phone data roaming charges and still stay connected while travelling. Read on to find out how to use secure Wi-Fi services, utilise apps that can run offline, get local SIM cards, turn off data roaming, and top up quickly with Overseas Top Up.

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Use Secure Wi-Fi Services

When you’re abroad, finding secure Wi-Fi connections is key. Many hotels and bars offer free Wi-Fi service, but it’s important to make sure it requires a password for access. Public hotspots in some countries may offer free service as well, but again make sure that your connection is secure before logging into sensitive sites or transmitting any personal information.

Use Apps That Can Run Offline

Taking advantage of offline applications during your travels can help reduce your reliance on expensive data roaming packages. Google Maps allows travellers to download maps ahead of time so they are accessible when not connected to a network. There are also many other apps designed specifically for travellers that allow you to take advantage of great features without relying on expensive network connections.

Get A Local SIM Card

Instead of relying solely on your home country’s SIM card while abroad, consider getting a local SIM card that comes with prepaid mobile credit. Not only will you often have better reception in another country with its own carrier networks, but purchasing prepaid credit usually ends up being much less expensive than trying to roam internationally with your current phone plan. To top up the balance on your local SIM card quickly and easily without leaving home, check out Overseas Top Up for an easy online solution!

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Turn Off Data Roaming

If all else fails and none of these solutions seems applicable for the specific location where you are travelling from or it just doesn’t fit into your budget limitations – simply turn off all phone data roaming options for your device entirely so no accidental charges occur if you happen to connect onto one unknowingly by mistake. This will also allow you to conserve any remaining battery life left as well since mobile phones tend to use more energy when using cell towers or non-local networks!

Use Overseas For A Quick And Easy Top Up

If you do decide to try out one of the solutions listed above then Overseas is here to help! Our online top-up service makes topping up the credit balance on your new international sim card quick and easy. All it takes is a few clicks and within minutes you’ll be able to top up both domestic & international mobile numbers no matter where in the world they may be located! So why wait? Give us a try and stay connected wherever you go with our online mobile top-up services.


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