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How To Recharge Nigeria Mobiles From The UK

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22 December 2021

Phone calls and text messages are the easiest and most convenient ways for people in the UK to stay in touch with and communicate with their friends and family in Nigeria. Following the pandemic halting a lot of international travel, it’s more important than ever that loved ones can easily communicate with each other. To ensure your relationships with friends and family aren’t interrupted, use our mobile top up so your loved ones can make phone calls and send messages whenever and wherever they may be.

 Suppose you live  in the UK and have friends and family living in Nigeria. In that case, you can complete a mobile recharge from the comfort of your own home using Overseas Top Up, allowing you to stay in contact with your nearest and dearest. Keep reading to learn  more about what a mobile online top up is and how you can do it using our service.

Online Recharge From Overseas Top Up

  Mobile recharge is also known as a mobile top up, and simply involves adding credit to a mobile phone. At Overseas Top Up, we offer a safe and easy international recharge system that allows you to top up a mobile phone registered in Nigeria from the UK. This means you can easily add credit to a prepaid device, even when you’re not in the same country, ensuring your loved ones in Nigeria don’t have to worry about finding their way to a shop to top up their own device – especially with ongoing restrictions relating to Covid-19.

 You can top up a device easily using our mobile recharge service. All you need to do to stay connected with your friends and family in Nigeria is go online, select Nigeria from the country list, enter the phone number of the device you want to recharge, and then select how much money you wish to top up the phone with.

 There are no additional fees, and you can top up at any time, day or night, all from the comfort of your own home right here in the UK.

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