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How Do I Top Up An International Number?

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31 October 2021

Worldwide, billions of people rely on airtime mobile top-ups to keep them connected with their loved ones. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the population has relied on digital communication to stay in touch with their loved ones, especially those who live abroad. For the majority of people, this took the form of phone calls. 

In the absence of going out to top up, many people relied on online mobile top-up services to keep them connected. With different lockdown rules in different countries, being able to complete an international phone top-up has proven to be invaluable recently, and it’s easier than you might think.


Keeping In Touch With International Family & Friends

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to move away from their friends and family to start a new chapter of their lives elsewhere, but this doesn’t diminish the need to stay in contact with those in their home countries. Nevermore has the need for effective communication been as crucial as during the pandemic.

With sporadic lockdowns and differing rules around the world, travel hasn’t really been an option as of late, making digital communication the first and sometimes the only port of call. There are many types available, including social media. However, the problem with social media is that sometimes platforms go down, as seen recently with Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Written communication is a traditional form of keeping in touch, but it’s lengthy and often a hassle. What has recently come to light is that nothing has the same impact as face-to-face communication. Still, when that’s not available, a phone or video call is the next best thing for keeping in touch with international friends and family.


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How To Top Up International Mobiles Online?

Suppose you have a loved one who lives overseas. In that case,  you can ensure you maintain contact by completing an international mobile top-up on their behalf. This s  an excellent option for those who can’t get out or don’t have the means to do so. Luckily, doing a worldwide online top-up is easy.


Using our online airtime and data top-up system, you can top up an international phone in four easy steps:

  1. Select the country that the phone you want to top up is registered in.
  2. Enter the phone number.
  3. Enter the amount you want to top up by, and finally, wait for your confirmation.

It really is as easy as that!


Why Should I Use Overseas Top Up?

Overseas Top Up makes carrying out international mobile top-ups easy. You can do it from the comfort of your sofa at a time that suits you. We support over 450 phone networks and provide a secure service that is fast and convenient.  You can create an account and add numbers to your phone book for regular top-ups, making it even quicker to do an online top-up overseas.

For more information, please read our help guide.

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